Feed My Search

Interesting app...I heard about it on Cog Dog Blog. I like the idea behind it. I currently use Google Alerts, which saves my search query and sends weekly e-mails with the top search results. However, I often see the same results as in a previous week. FeedMySearch attempts to remedy the issue by creating a feed from your Google search and only presenting new search results.

So far, I created one feed successfully. When I tried to create a second feed, I couldn't add it in Bloglines. First, it returned a crapload of feeds that must have been other people's feedmysearch feeds. Then, it told me I was already subscribed to the feed. I suspect that the way FeedMySearch is programmed it doesn't create a unique feed address for every search, so Bloglines has associated all feeds created by FeedMySearch users as coming from the same source. I'm sure they'll fix it and it will make a worthwhile app.

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Mommy23 said...

Very interesting! I use Google Alerts for my site, www.freckletown.com (just for Katy families). I think I'll try this one out too.